Prison University Project Conference, San Quentin State Prison, October 2018

Prison University Project Conference, San Quentin State Prison, October 2018

As a philosopher, my primary interests revolve around individual rights, and, specifically, the right against punishment. As a lawyer, I have extensive professional experience within the institutions of the criminal law (such as the court system and prisons), the methodologies of punishment, and constitutional criminal procedure. As a philosopher/lawyer, these interests intertwine around questions about political authority, law’s normative force, and the possibility of a social order without law. My work focuses on the role of rights in response to assertions of state authority, and whether law and the political process provides adequate opportunities for just allocations of those rights between the often-conflicting interests of individuals and communities. I am currently working on answers to the problems of mass incarceration, the collateral consequences of criminal convictions, and differential punishment. I also have abiding interests and scholarship efforts in 19th-20th century German philosophy in general, and Nietzsche studies in particular. 

When I have the time, I enjoy writing about philosophy and contemporary culture, music, and art.

Some of my work is available on my page


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